Saturday, July 7, 2012

Funny bodily feelings. Sigh.

Things had been going pretty quiet here for a while which is always a great thing when it comes to pregnancy but this weekend we were in Amelia Island for our ten year anniversary and things got a bit interesting in the way I'd rather they didn't.

First, the weird. From time to time I've been getting pokes on my top right stomach area, just above the ribs. It's the same kind of pokes I would feel when my son was inside of me and jabbing me. But, he was 30 weeks at the time and my little one is only 14 weeks so I am fully aware this is not little one, but what on earth is it? It's a sharp poke that can jolt me, has happened three or four times now.

Second, the odd but not completely panic inducing. I'm getting shooting pain in my vagina right up to my cervix. It hurts. I get worried my cervix is doing things it shouldn't be doing but so far all is well. knock on wood.

And then, the Very Not Fun. Namely, cramping. I've been cramping. Lower stomach cramps. Shooting cramps when I walk sometimes. It began on Thursday. I called my OB who told me to keep my feet up that night and to drink a ton of water and if it persisted in the AM to head to the hospital. Luckily the next day it went away and was gone for the rest of the trip until today in a pit-stop at Savannah and again the cramps. It's not earth-shattering cramps but its cramps and they hurt.

I will be going to the doctor's on Monday as soon as I can make an appointment. Really wishing I had my trusty doppler at the moment to assure me all is well. Hopefully it is. Just been a strange few days. Any experience on any of this? Much appreciated.


  1. Well, I don't know what to say about the pokes in your upper belly or the vaginal pains, but I do know that I had some pretty serious cramping with my daughter, both in my belly and my lower back, during my first and second trimesters. Many moons later, she was born healthy and full-term. I think cramping can be very normal in pregnancy, but certainly it's best to be checked by your doc. Wishing you and your tiny person the very best!

  2. I had cramps ALL THROUGH THE SUMMER whenever I'd get even a tiny bit thirsty/dehydrated. I really had to watch my fluid intake or pay the painful (though apparently not really dangerous) consequences.

    And, you know, they say that you feel the second baby a lot earlier than the first. Maybe it really IS your littlest one poking you!

  3. Not sure about some of it but could the upper abdominal pain be gall bladder-related? Sometimes gallstones can cause intermittent pain, but what you're describing may be too short to be caused by that...hmmm, just a thought. Continuing to keep you in my thoughts, Erin (longtime lurker, rare poster!)

  4. sending you positive thoughts!!

  5. Theoretically the cervix has no pain receptors, so it shouldn't be your cervix that gives you pain. Perhaps your body is just adjusting to its new role?! I do hope nothing is wrong. Maybe you should rest more and take care of