Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maternity clothes and belly shots

My pregnancy clothing from last time around aren't fitting me and I was resisting buying new ones since its for such a short period of time why not just wear skirts, tights, and make do?

Yeah, that's not working out. For one, my son likes to yank my skirts down. We've had a few almost mortifying moments at the mall and during storytime. He did not succeed. But, almost.

So I finally bought some. They're loose at the moment, the pants anyways, but I'm thinking I'll expand into them? I'm only 15 weeks along but I am currently the size I was at six months with W. Here's a belly shot. My first ever with any pregnancy:

It's a bit helpful to take a photo as in my head I feel like I look like a tug-boat but the picture doesn't show me quite like I've swallowed a hippo yet. I guess I'm comparing the state of the belly now versus last time and its just gargantuan. Am I the only one who loves a pregnant belly? I don't know if I would have loved it no matter what, or if its because I feel so lucky to be here, but I lost 23 pounds before I got pregnant but its with this belly jutting out and the fat slowly reaccumulating that I feel the most beautiful and happiest to stop and just gape at myself in the mirror.

In actual beautiful news, I told my son, there is a baby in my belly. He walked up, pressed a hand to my stomach, and said "hi baby!" and kissed it. He's a boy of very few words but I'll be damned if he doesn't know the right ones to say and just how to say them.


  1. He's adorable, W, he is.
    The belly looks just like the perfect 15w belly should. No, you're not huge, you look wonderful. I miss my belly. I have the newborn to make up for it, but I do miss it. Cherish it, take photos and videos, it goes by so fast. So very fast especially with a toddler.

  2. How adorable! I have pics of Viktor kissing my big fat belly when I was pregnant with Riley.