Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Since I began trying to eat better and live a better healthier lifestyle things have improved. I exercised four times last week. I ate between 1200-1400 calories per day erring on the lower end most days. I have not touched any junk food, nor any white rice, nor pasta.

And I've lost no weight.

I had seen a negative five pound loss which inexplicably went back to a two pound loss and for the past 2.5 weeks its stayed just there, not budging an inch.

I wish I had kept journals of previous weight loss. I want to say that this might be normal. That my body resists my initial attempts to lose weight but over time it will figure it out and what I'm doing will work. I mean logically, less calories in + exercise = weight loss. It's scientific I thought. And yet my body is holding on for dear life to every fat cell a though a famine is around the bend not a McDonald's and Sonic drive-up.

Sigh. I'm still holding strong. Not giving up. But I am discouraged. I gave up carbs for dinner, then carbs for lunch. Carbwise I have two cups of tea with a teaspoon of sugar, one piece of fruit, and a glass of milk daily. That's it. I just don't get it.


  1. there is nothing more frustrating then that. :( Sorry friend!

  2. Ok those scientific facts are just bollocks I'm afraid. There's a number of possibilities....

    1) You're not eating the calories you think you are. Are you weighing stuff? We all (me very much included) underestimate what we eat.
    2) Related to the above are you recording what you eat? Writing it down means you can't ignore stuff. We all (me very much included) can suffer from food blindness.
    Ok now onto the more fun/less blamey ones.
    3) Sometimes exercise can look like it is slowing weight loss - your body retains water when you have exercised hard.
    4) Salt. It is a bitch. It can very much make you retain water - so be careful how much you eat.
    5) Time of the month - I can go up as much as 5 pounds when I'm due on. And I always leap up a pound when I ovulate.

    Apart from that all I'd say is that carbs aren't the devil. Some people flourish on low carb diets, other don't get on with them. If after a few more weeks you find you are getting nowhere then try another diet. I am a complete diet tart - but it means I never actually stop dieting I just move on to another one.

    ps If you want more support try www.minimins.com I go there and its friendly. x

  3. Thanks for all your support Claire. I am recording everything I eat on "myfitnesspal" and I try to overestimate the calories so I don't get int he danger zone of going over. I'm not exercising too hard. . . its Wii Fit free run,and then sometimes I go out and actually run- so running- that's it. . . and I finished my period so I'm mid-cycle now.

    I will definitely try to lower my salt intake though and find other things I can do- carbs aren't the devil for sure but with insulin resistence (i.e. PCOS) my doc told me to avoid them as much as I can.

    Thanks again! I'm hoping I'm about to see some kick start SOON

  4. It's okay... Sometimes it takes some time for your body to get 'in the groove'. For 2 weeks a bit ago, I couldnt drop any weight: exercising 6 days a week, eating low cals... didnt matter. But I got back. You'll get there too!!! You're doing great!

  5. Even if you're not losing pounds, you might be losing inches. And you might just be on a plateau before a larger loss. And even if you're not losing, you're eating healthier, living healthier and practicing self-control. I'm proud of you! (as I pull out of the Sonic drive-in with a lime slush...)