Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wanting a girl. Apparently.

I went to a mom's group. All nice women. Discussing boys and girls. It's my fault. I started it as we discussed what we thought we were having when we were pregnant.

Me: I was convinced it was a girl- when the doctor said boy- I told him he had to be mistaken.
Mom1: Oh yes- I was devestated when I learned I was having a boy.
Mom2: I burst into tears hysterical- my husband had to comfort me.
Mom3: Well the next one might be a girl you have hope!
Me: Well, I didn't care either way, I just was thinking it was a girl. I had a hard time getting and staying pregnant so as long as the baby was healthy it was my only concern.

I hated being the Debbie Downer- but I could not sit there as people whined about having boys. I realize I started it- but never with the intention that others took it with.

Seriously. Tears on your first child because you wanted a girl. Seriously.


  1. I have to agree. It's always sort of given me the creeps to hear people who were desperately disappointed on learning the gender of any of their children. People are weird.

  2. WHat's wrong with having boys? I love my boys!! girls are all drama. ;)

  3. How sad. What a waste of such a joyful event. My brother was the same with both of his boys. He even had trouble connecting with them after they were born because he wanted a daughter so badly. Babies are so precious, how sad to lose that time being disappointed.

  4. I never get it... I hate the "well at least you have both, so you can have the best of both worlds"... Really? You're right; I'd be pissed if they'd been 2 girls/2 boys. And then another lady- in the market- told me, "Well, at least you had one boy. It would have sucked to have had 2 girls." REALLY??? Why do you think those thoughts letalone say them??