Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Trying to Conceive" to fertiles

I had a very awkward conversation with my mother the other day and I felt the need to share it here because really, only y'all will get it. I hope.

Mom: When do you think you'll try for another baby?
Me: I don't know, maybe in a few months, maybe next year, just don't know right now.
Mom: So you're on the pill? That can be dangerous. . .
Me: No, not on the pill.
Mom: What then?
Me: Nothing.
Mom. So you're trying.
Me: No.
Mom: But if you are not using protection then you're trying.
Me: No. Really, no. I mean if it happened great. But we're not trying.
Mom: If you don't use protection you're trying.

I honestly had forgotten that in the world of fertiles you can really just have sex and get pregnant as simple as that. So in my mom's world, we are trying. I wish she knew that after what I've been to [as you all have too] that having sex and getting pregnant is not really trying much of anything at all.


  1. there is a great quote on a blog somewhere... some people get a baby without trying, and some people try really hard and end up with no baby...
    We went the 'not trying to prevent but not trying' route (to tell you the truth that's what we're still doing...) and actually ended up with loss #7. I'm not 'really' counting it, and you are one of few who know- I'll come clean on my blog soon. So now, I chart, simply to be able to know when I'm ovulating (if I do) so we know when to steer away!

  2. That's what happened when I had my third loss. I think as an infertile, we need to not take birth control and not try until we are ready to actually try because we know it can end up being a lot harder than it should be. Things don't always go as it should with us.