Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Week Wait

First, WOW you're still here!!! Thank you!!!! I listened to your advice, and well, we tried. My ovulation used to last three days or so, whenever it deigned to arrive, but this time it was for just 24 hours. I'm glad I took advantage of the window. Nothing is a given, least of all this. As you guys suggested, I'm sticking with my diet, and should I be lucky enough to see two lines two weeks from yesterday, I will eat well, exercise, and generally not eat whatever the heck I want during pregnancy which is what I did last time. We shall see what happens, but I'm well aware, anything beyond the child I already have is just whipped cream and sprinkles on an already wonderful situation.

No matter what, I'm not letting myself slide back to the depression that dominated me on the road to my son. . . I didn't realize I was in such a dark place until I emerged. In the back of my mind I worry about a miscarriage and how I will handle it. But I can't look to the what if's. I just have to go forward and hope for the best.

Some of you mentioned it had been a while, and I am still blogging, but at my other spot, my non-anonymous one, if you click on the comments to the previous post, I replied to comments using my other blog information. So if you'd like, see you there too :)

Okay, here's to hoping I can manage to be calm, serene and the very image of Buddha these next two weeks. Right. :)


  1. you bet we're still here! good luck! i'll be thinking of you and waiting right along with you!

  2. Of course you won't be zen, it's ttc after all, and when the child is wanted bad enough, ttc is a source of mucho dolor. But the days somehow do pass differently now, don't they? Which is good.
    Anyway, fingers crossed! Let the peestickomania begin! Round 2, 'cause round one gave you the 'go collect egg' card. :-) wishing for the best.