Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No one track mind here, nosirreebob

K: What do you want for dinner?
Jack: I was going to warm up the frozen pizza
K: Is that going to be filling enough?
Jack: Well if not we can supplement the feed with the food your mom made.

It's entirely possible that it requires three hours of sleep to find the above exchange absolutely slapstick hilarious, but I seriously love how even our conversations about something as mundane as dinner has so subtly altered.


  1. But it IS funny ;-)))

    I am happy to hear that BF is becoming less of a torture for you. Seeing feeding as just feeding not as success/failure seems logical (when explained ;-)). What is important is that your Sunflower blooms. And this is the main goal.

  2. that is cute :)

  3. Heheheeh. I'm not sleep deprived (much) and I'm giggling at that exchange. Good to see your sense of humor has survived unscathed!

  4. That's hilarious :)