Sunday, March 27, 2011

PCOS. Weight Loss. And a new bloggy focus.

I've been reading Michele's blog for years now and her recent journey to weight loss is inspiring not just because she succeeded but because she struggled like me, she has PCOS, and she did it. She succeeded. Not to look like a cover-girl [though she looks lovely- and always has] but for the right reasons. I e-mailed her today and asked her if she felt her blogging helped her succeed and she said it did because it kept her accountable.

I hesitated writing about my weight-loss journey here because this is a blog about infertility and loss- but according to my doctor- my PCOS is directly tied with weight. [though what came first, the chicken or the egg e.g. weight caused PCOS or PCOS caused weight I can't be sure] so weight loss is related to the theme of this space.

I've hidden behind my PCOS for years as the reason I've struggled but Michele has PCOS and she did it. And my story is similar to hers in that as much as the medical issues may play a part in the struggle- I DO eat more than I should- I am addicted to sugar to an unhealthy crack-addict degree- and its time to stop so I can finally conquer this- so I can reduce my chance of type II diabetes which runs rampant in my family and which thanks to gest. diabetes I am at an incrased risk for, and so my son will learn to do as I do not as I say.

So I'm dusting the cobwebs off this blog- and I'll be writing here in this anonymous space [away from the eyes of my extended family] to hold myself accountable and also to see for myself, if I can do this. If I stick to calorie control and being good about my diet- can I honestly lose weight? If not- if PCOS just makes this impossible- then at least I'll have this blog to print and take to my doctor to show her just how strict I was and how little I achieved. Though, I hope this is not the case.

March 28- August 28- almost in time for my 32nd birthday. I am going to hold back from setting a weight loss numerical goal- just the goal to kick my sweet addiction, and to watch my calories, and conquer this beast once and for all. I'm using "my fitness pal" a free app and website that helps me track my calories and keeps me accountable no matter where I am.

So while this blog will be updated more regularly, it might also get quite boring with weight-loss vents and pitfalls, so if you decide to stop reading, I understand [really!] and if you do keep reading- thanks, your support means the world.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a HUGE first step and I know you can do it. The first few weeks are the hardest (I say this as a former sugar-crack addict too, LOL), but once you get acclimated to eating the fuel your body needs, it really does get easier. I am so proud of you. You are such a strong woman and I know that you will take that strength and put it to work getting healthier.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Love the new blog background! It makes me want to wrap up on the couch in a quilt and read a really good book. :)

    I'm so sorry for the negative test. But *squeeee!* you're trying again! And soon I will be, too! I'm going to see the RE next month about trying again in July or August. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

    Good job on the weight loss! I'm just 6 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, although that weight was a good 60 lbs too high. I'm hoping I can keep dropping! Like you, I'd like to be as healthy as possible in the hopes that this will happen again for us soon!

  3. I will be here reading along with your journey as always :) I look forward to hearing all about your weight loss journey!

  4. Stacey- YAYYYYY on TTC again : ) Hope it goes easier than the first go around!

    Suzy, thanks *hugs* hope your'e well!