Thursday, July 15, 2010

Losing the baby weight

The first six weeks post-bebe I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. I ate pizza, icecream, cupcakes and cookies. It was beautiful. More beautiful was the fact that I was eating like I was prepping for a sumo wrestling competition and yet was gaining nary a pound. Nada. Zip. Imagine when I actually start eating right and working out? I thought. I'll be a skinny minnie in no time!


Once the six weeks was up and I got the go ahead to exercise I began working out one hour daily on my Wii Fit. I started cutting out all sweets and stopped eating after dinner. I figured the weight would drop like its hot but that didn't happen. Just like before, my weight did not go up, nor did it go down. For ten days I did this and I got increasingly fed up until I just went and ate a bunch of fries. The next day I dropped a pound.

I haven't had to think about weight loss for years while I struggled to get and stay pregnant. Now its time again and the old frustrations rear their ugly heads. I thought nursing would help the pounds fall but I've since learned this is untrue. I read scientific journals stating that there is no conclusive evidence that breastfeeding causes weight loss. My OB said for some it does, and for some BFing can actually make you hang on to weight as your body ensures you have enough fat to continue breastfeed. Body- I HAVE ENOUGH FAT you need not worry!

I have PCOS. Before I got on Metformin I could never lose weight. On Met by following a reasonable diet and exercersing my weight began regulating. But my doc wont prescribe it while I nurse.

I started weight watchers last Wednesday. In the past it was the only thing that worked for me. This week I lost 2 pounds, but I'm not going to be convinced until I see continual droppage since I fluctuate with those two pounds anyways. My hope is that weight watchers will help me realize if I'm eating more than I think I am, and if I am doing everything and sticking to the WW guidelines and still not losing weight at least I'll have some proof to show my OB and perhaps convince her to give me my Met again.

I am refusing to buy new clothes for this new looking me. I need to get back to where I was. And how sad since where I was is not where I ultimately want to be. In the meantime I wear stretchy skirts galore and hope that sooner or later this weight will come off!


  1. Ugg, I am having the same issues!! I never had to worry about my weight until I quit smoking and I had 2 losses....then had a baby. I seriously have 30 pounds to lose, maybe even 40.

    Good luck!! It will come eventually if you/we stick to a lessened caloric intake.

  2. *will eventually come off*

  3. Oh dear, how time flies by... It was like yesterday we were waiting for updates on the contractorama, and now you are talking about losing the weight. Don't let it upset you too much though - you will lose it, with the help of your doc and/or WW and/or exercise, but don't forget to just enjoy the moment.

    (OK, cheap philosophy moment over. ;-) It's the heat, I'm telling you...)

  4. Damn, I was counting on breastfeeding to finally bring out my inner Heidi Klum body! This is very disappointing news.

  5. I thought BFing was the key, too... then I went to my 6-week check up and I gained weight from my 2 week check. Crap.
    I hope we both eventually lose these extra pounds!

  6. I'm still only about 8lb down from my final pg weight. K was over 7lb.
    I'm on metformin while BF, to hopefully help my supply issues. Had no troubles getting a script.

  7. The day Maggie turned 9 months old (!), I finally decided I HAD to do something. Between being lazy about losing the weight and being on anti-depressants, I was almost back to the weight I was the night I delivered her . . .NOT good. I found a diet that works for me and lost 20 lbs in the last 7 weeks. I can email you the info if you want to take a look at it. I have a few friends who have tried it, and it worked for all of them too. And it's not a crash diet--it's more of a lifestyle thing that teaches you better eating habits. Good luck--it's hard!

  8. would you mind posting the link to the scientific journal on breastfeeding? I'm curious now....
    I do know that it burns calories - but ironically it also increases your appetite.