Friday, August 6, 2010

Erm. Whoops.

Little guy sleeps his longest stretch as five hours from about 12-5am, I hear this is called sleeping through the night. For two nights in a row he was only giving me three hour stretches so last night I was beyond fatigued so last night when he woke up at 5am I was so tired I walked over gave him a pacifier and went back to bed. He didn't cry (he never does at this hour), he just wiggled around and grunted loudly, but then the next thing I knew it was 7:00am and he was FAST ASLEEP. He ultimately got up at 7:30am and even then he wasn't crazed with hunger, he actually grinned at me and then began pouting.

Is it okay that I let him sleep that long without feeding him?

Motherhood: feeling happy about the same thing you feel guilty about.


  1. Yes it's ok. He'll likely just eat more in the day to make up for it.

  2. It's TOTALLY fine. There have been quite a few nights lately where he stirs and moves and there are times when I would have jumped to feed him 'before' he got worked up. But I find if I let him be he'll fall back asleep. HE completely rejected the pacifier when he found his thumb two weeks ago, but usually once that thumb hits his mouth he drifts back off.

    It's fine! Awesome, even! There will be more and more nights like this (so they say).

  3. My daughter is only two months and she goes seven hours without a feeding a lot. So I say go for it!

  4. totally okay. he'll let you know if he's hungry; a pacifier wouldn't cut the mustard if he needed to eat!

  5. Oh that last line is SO VERY TRUE.
    And it's definitely ok to let him go that long, he'll let you know if it's not ok!

  6. totally fine. When babies are around 11 lbs they don't need that extra feeding at night - but their feedings during the day will last longer. My dr told me to start making my twins' late night wake-ups boring and within 3 days we were up to 7 hours a night! Now they sleep around 10 or 11 hours each night and it's BLISS!!! Just make sure you do a bedtime routine and you will have your evenings free and your nights full of sleep! I start around 7:30 with a bath, then lotion massage, jammies, bottle, and I put them in their cribs. I also have a sleepy lamb from Baby B that plays the ocean which I turn on every night. It's like their cue to go to sleep at night. I can put both twins down after their dinner and they almost always go to sleep on their own! Babies just need consistency and once you get it down it's a cake-walk ;)